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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Angels win! (But whose angels?)

Quick update on the thievery that's recently plagued the neighborhood (the stealing of copper from the AC units). My church ordered the angels of the Lord to keep it from happening again, and they quickly let us down. I'd like to see them try to get a reference from us!

But as of a few weeks ago (and I am truly glad this happened) the thief situation has finally been resolved. Apparently he was making the rounds between about 5 churches throughout our general area, but now the threat has been removed. Our church didn't say too much about it, but that's not really surprising if you know the whole story.

See, he didn't come down the aisle with tears streaming down his face, asking for mercy (as some in our church believed he would). He didn't encounter a flaming sword or get thrown into an invisible prison until the police came by and captured him. Heck, worst part is, he wasn't even caught near our church.

It was a church a few streets down that caught him. See, they actually had their units being watched by real, flesh-and-blood people. Angelic people, maybe they were. Anyway, the rich part was that it wasn't even close to being a charismatic church, or even a straight-laced Baptist church. Rather, it was the dead, liturgy-enslaved, live-out-the-faith-in-the-flesh Mary-worshippers down at the Catholic church!

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